Club Tryouts

2022 - 23 TAV Houston Club Tryouts Coming Soon!!

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Check-in will begin 30 minutes prior to start time. Our trained evaluators will meet during and after the scheduled tryouts. At some point within 24 hours, you will be contacted by TAV with an offer. It is very important that the contact phone number and email that you provide to TAV on your tryout registration form are valid and monitored during and after our tryouts. Once an offer is made, you have 15 minutes to accept or decline. Upon verbal acceptance, you will accept online and will pay your $550 deposit by credit card. Please note that we will fill our teams in order… therefore if you have not accepted within 15 minutes we will offer the next highest player in your position and fill the team. You may still contact us at a later time and accept but, you will be accepting the highest available team remaining.
TAV Houston is the home to athletes dedicated to being the best in the nation. For most of our athletes, the ultimate goal is playing volleyball collegiately. For some, it is about becoming the best junior high or high school player they can be. TAV Houston offers 3 levels of teams.
National Travel Teams

These teams are comprised of elite level athletes whose commitment to volleyball, TAV Houston and their team are unwavering. These teams will travel out-of-state with the season culminating in a trip to the National Championship tourney in either AAU or USAV.

Regional Travel Teams

These teams are comprised of highly advanced athletes. The teams will travel “regionally”, including Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin etc., will also attempt to qualify for USAV Nationals.

Local Non-Travel Teams

These teams are comprised of advanced players that will compete in the greater Houston area. These teams will not be competing for the National tourney. However, some players may be asked to join another team after the regular season and compete at Nationals.

Competitive Edge Sports