TAV Houston Recruiting

TAV Houston Appoints Most Accomplished Recruiting Coordinator in Texas, Bryan Bunn

Bryan Bunn is a 30 year veteran collegiate coach, landing at schools such as Baylor, NC State and North Florida. As a head coach, Bunn coached 18 All-Americans, 38 all-conference players, 32 all-region performers and five conference players of the year. Eleven of his teams have won 23 or more matches, with four squads finishing in the top 10 nationally. Bunn coached six teams to the NCAA I Tournament and two NAIA teams to the Championships.

TAV Houston has placed 100% of its recruitable athletes that want to play at the #NextLevel into a collegiate program, with several going to Power Five schools and Mid-Majors. Our Recruiting Coordinator, Bryan Bunn, has more experience and contacts then just about all of the Houston clubs combined. There is no better resource in the area.

TAV Houston is proud to boast that our staff have been responsible for assisting players into Power 5 schools such as USC, UCLA, Stanford, UT, Louisville, Kentucky, Florida and more. Most importantly, we pride ourselves in finding the right fit for our student athletes. Bryan takes the job seriously by learning about each of our student athletes, and provides a pathway for them to not only get recruited, but to be successful after they arrive to their collegiate program.

TAV Houston is here to support each players recruiting journey and will create individualized plans for our recruitable athletes. TAV Houston utilizes tools like Hudl and SportRecruits to enhance our players marketability. In addition, our social media and Web site player highlight function provides the most visibility for our athletes when compared to all surrounding clubs.

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