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TAV Training Opportunities and Information

TAV Houston offers several training programs that provide fundamental reinforcement developed through our relationships with previous coaching staff of the Men’s & Women’s US National Teams, Power 5 and Mid-Major head coaches and other reputable organizations within the volleyball community.

Our Club Athlete training programs are broken out into four buckets: Private Lessons, Camps, Clinics and the TAV Academy. All four of these programs are designed to offer a superior solution to player development within the sport of volleyball and each one fulfill a separate need of the student athlete.

Camps – Priced at $25/ hour (except specialty camps)

TAV Houston camps are multi-day camps that holistically reinforce positional based skills with a lot of touches and repetition. Each skill will be explained in detail and demonstrated prior to applying to the reps. Feedback within camps will communicated depending on the skill. For example, serve receive is mainly a rep-based skill, so after a proper demonstration, feedback may be limited in order to achieve the repetition required to become successful at that skill. On the opposing side, if the camp is an advanced blocking camp where the skill is highly technical, more feedback will be provided within the camp. There is a lot of data behind this approach, and we have consulted with several Power 5 and mid-major NCAAI programs on the best teaching methods.

Clinics Priced at $35

Clinics are one hour, single skill based sessions that are dedicated to improving on a single specific skill, like serving, passing or defense. Within the current Club Volleyball season, each head coach should be constantly communicating the areas of opportunity each player has in order to be on the court on a more frequent basis. These clinics are designed to address those areas of opportunity since practices can not be focused on an individual players needs.

Academy Priced at $40/ hour

The TAV Academy will be a highly focused curriculum for specific volleyball skills/ positions, focusing on the standards detailed out within the TAV System Standards document. A “master” coach or director will be responsible and present at every one-hour session. A second coach may be present to help facilitate and also learn advanced technical skills.

Age is not a prerequisite; this is all skill based and players must accomplish specific goals to move on to the next course within the identified courses. In order to move to the next level within each course, players must meet criteria set. Players may move up in the middle of the course, though this should be an extraordinary circumstance, not the norm.

The setting and middle blocker academy courses will have a ratio of 1:4, player to coach and the pin hitting and passing/defense academy courses will have a ratio of 1:6 players. There may be a situation where there is not a second coach – that is if there are 6 players, or less.

Private Lessons

TAV Houston hires highly skilled and qualified coaches. In addition to that, we offer an internal certification program that promotes further education within the organization. For those that choose to go down path of certification, we offer two tiers: Certified Coach and Master Certified coach. Each of these tiers require a strong working knowledge of fundamental volleyball skills, as well as coaching methodology. Within the certification process, coaches will be tested and observed several times, through several different medians, such as practice planning and implementation, tournament management, camp/clinic participation and performance and more. Lesson rates can be seen on the righthand side of this page. For a list of Master Coaches and Certified coaches, visit the certified coach page through the Club Volley menu, or by visiting www.webpage.com

Private Lesson Rates

Master Certified Coach

1 Player: $80
2 Players: $50/ player
3 Players: $40/ player
4 Players: $35/ player
**Five or more players in a lesson violates our club policy

Certified Coach

1 Player: $70
2 Players: $45/ player
3 Players: $35/ player
4 Players: $30/ player
**Five or more players in a lesson violates our club policy

Standard Rates

1 Player: $60
2 Players: $40/ player
3 Players: $30/ player
4 Players: $25/ player
**Five or more players in a lesson violates our club policy